Is That You in There? Get More in Touch with Your Brand.

Sep 10, 2018

The internet has changed everything we know about marketing and the way we present ourselves individually and collectively as a team. Have you noticed that the most successful businesses aren’t solely reliant on their products or services anymore? They’re investing in their brand, the thing that makes them authentic.

There area few key traits that these guys have in common:

  • They understand their ‘why’– they know their purpose?
  • They have clarity around their niche and never bite off more than they can chew
  • They understand what’s important to them personally – the values they live by
  • They understand where they’re headed and always align themselves with this goal

If you invest time and effort into getting real clarity around who you are, what makes your business different, and learn how to communicate directly with your people, you’ll feel inspired by your company instead of owned by it.



We’ve been talking a lot about personal brand recently, because it’s such a powerful tool to understanding what you really want out of your life or career.  Has anyone ever asked you what your favourite film or band is?  Only to find yourself tongue tied? Many people feel the same when asked what they want from their lives or career. Sure, we all want to be successful– but what does that look like, what does it mean to you?

Developing your personal brand, really means investing the time to define what’s important to you, where you want to go, what you need from life to feel fulfilled and successful, and knowing your strengths so you can use them to achieve your goals.



People are attracted to authenticity, transparency, and originality. If you act in accordance to your ‘business truth’ you’ll attract the clients you effortlessly get along with, who value your work because they share a similar outlook.

Instead of trying to please everybody and trying hard to fit within the mould of what others consider being ‘the blueprint of success’. Why not wholeheartedly embrace what makes you different!



Some of you may remember the Brené Brown TED talk that went viral a few years ago. It was based on the power of vulnerability. Brown believes that vulnerability is one of the four pillars of courage, and that it’s integral for entrepreneurs to open their hearts and minds to vulnerability.

“Entrepreneurship is vulnerable by definition. The definition of vulnerability is uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. If you are not experiencing uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure, you are not an entrepreneur.” States Brown.



  • How can you expect an individual to find value in something you yourself are not placing value upon? People will get excited about your ideas if you’re genuinely excited about them too.
  • Create a culture of growth – If an error is made or someone drops the ball, Brown says, “Talk about accountability not blame. Talk about what to do next time.”
  • When running a business, you need to feel comfortable asking for help and vulnerable enough to admit when you’re wrong so you can develop. People respect honesty. She states, “We don’t need brave faces running businesses. We need brave people.”

Nowadays, people find more value in a brand they can relate to. A brand that is more human in the way it conducts itself. Don’t be afraid to show people you are just like them, that you’re also just trying to find meaning in this crazy world, that you too are continually learning and growing.

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